Corporate social responsibility

Since 1839, from generation to generation, we have passed down a sense of responsibility for our employees, our society and our environment.

Under the initiative, B. Braun for Children, BBPK is proud to partner with Omair Sana Foundation by supporting children suffering from the blood disease thalassemia. Sustainability is defined as one of our core values, alongside innovation and efficiency. As a socially responsible citizen, B. Braun is providing 5,000 Blood Bags annually which are the basic requirement of Thalassaemia patients. We are confident to bring smiles on the little faces in collaboration with OSF.

Omair Sana Foundation an initiative taken back in 2003 by Kashif Hussain Ansari, to help those children who are suffering in Thalassaemia and other blood disorders. OSF started off as a diversified NGO, operating in the three verticals.  Blood Diseases, Medical Relief and General Welfare.

OSF aims to work day in day out for increased level of Thalassaemia awareness and better patient management to minimize and eventually eradicate altogether the incidence of Thalassaemia in Pakistan. Omair Sana has a vision of Thalassaemia free society of Pakistan in 2030, ensuring availability of best tools & techniques for the treatment, reducing the prevalence of Thalassaemia gene in the society.

Although, Thalassaemia is the prime focus, the Foundation takes pride in carrying out relief efforts in non-Thalassaemia domains as well including Emergency relief, rehabilitation, and reconstruction, provision of social amenities in the time of natural and man-made disasters. The Foundation also stands for the socio-economic empowerment of the poor and the marginalized section particularly women for quality of life and career by ensuring their active participation in its activities of decision and policy making.