Celebrating International Nurses’ Day at B. Braun Pakistan

Celebrating International Nurses’ Day at B. Braun Pakistan

12 May, in recognition of Florence Nightingale’s birthday, is designated as International Nurses’ Day to honour nurses worldwide.

Every year, B. Braun Pakistan celebrates Nurses’ Day in the month of May by conducting seminars and workshops in hospitals across the country. The annual celebrations pay tribute to the nurses and their honourable profession.

This year, B. Braun Pakistan collaborated with the Express Media Group to organise a seminar on ‘Nursing Safety and Care: Modern Day Challenges’. The talk focused on the current trends in nursing and the importance of keeping the profession alive.

Dr. Tipu Sultan, Chairperson, Sindh Healthcare Commission; Dr. Naila Asad, Head of Anaesthesia, Services Hospital Lahore; Ms. Catherine Bordern, Nursing Director, Rehman Medical Institute, Peshawar; and Dr. Monette Barrento, Nursing Director, Shifa International Hospital Islamabad; were the esteemed speakers at the event.

‘Nursing is as important to healthcare as a spinal cord is to the human body’, said Dr. Sultan. He emphasised that the absence of nursing staff would lead to a collapse of a health facility, and that the nurses deserved recognition for their services.

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