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Building bridges from hospital to home

Hospitals, homecare providers, physicians and nurses are faced with the challenge of developing methods to assure that high quality treatment of patients can be provided in a home setting.
Discharge management is a B. Braun service to transfer the patient safely and effectively from the hospital to their homecare in a way that makes it possible to continue to provide optimal care.

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The Discharge Management Network

The challenge

Seamless follow-up care is a very complex task, especially when it comes to therapies that require intensive and highly demanding care. Medical and organizational know-how, and an awareness of the legal requirements are needed in order to coordinate the interaction of everyone involved in providing care for the patient.

Our service

B. Braun Discharge Management is a service for a wide range of therapies. We offer continuous high quality care to your home patients. Our transfer management professionals help to ensure the outcome of hospital treatment and to keep giving outpatient care, offering personal advice, training and guidance. Over the last decade we have developed a home care service for over 3,000 patients. We believe that the tendency to move patients from hospital to home earlier will continue to increase. We are a reliable partner who helps deliver the best value quality and service for you and your patients.