David 3-Chip Camera

The universal 3-Chip Camera

The concept of the DAVID 3

  • Easy to use
  • Digital signal processing for brilliant picture reproduction
  • Very attractive price-performance ratio
  • Universal application

DAVID 3 fulfills the high quality expectations for hospital use. This high-quality product integrates all important functions, necessary on the day-to-day basis. Special extras were intentionally omitted in order to offer DAVID 3 as an economic alternative.

Micro-lens-on-chip technology

  • Innovative technology
  • The light beamers are focused on a photosensitive chip diode
  • Higher light sensitivity improves the picture illumination visibly
  • The monitor supplies a picture with optimum illumination - even at the edges.

Easy to use

  • Camera head has been designed for ease-of-use and clarity
  • Handling mistakes are practically impossible

DIGI-Technologie (Digital Image and Graphics Improvement)

  • Integrated digital processor
  • Brilliant picture clarity
  • Superb colour roproduction
  • Clear and precise picture information

Universal use

  • High mode for laparoscopy
  • Medium mode for arthroscopy
  • Small-scope Mode:
    No bloom with use of endoscopes with small image diameter.
    No loss of video information. 
    Excellent picture quality.

Gain Function
Under critical lighting conditions, this electronic amplifier can mobilise additional "light reserves" without generating any significant "noise" on the screen. This function is integrated into the DAVID 3 and activated automatically if necessary.