Heparin-Sodium Injection 5.000 I.U./ml


Heparin has been in clinical use for more than 60 years and it is until today an indispensible drug for patients in different situations like venous thrombo-embolism, cardiology, vascular surgery, invasive procedures, dialysis and extra corporeal blood circulation. Despite the development of newer anticoagulants, unfractionated heparin remains an important drug in clinical routine.


  • Prophylaxis of thrombo-embolism
  • Use as anticoagulant in the therapy of acute venous arterial thromboembolism
  • Prevention of blood clotting during use of extracorporeal circulation (heart-lung machine, haemodialysis)


  • Contains benzyl alcohol as preservative
  • Aqueous solution
  • Presentation: 5 ml vial


Information may differ in your country. Before prescribing refer to nationally approved prescribing information.