Adjustable valve with gravitational unit for the treatment of hydrocephalus

The MIETHKE proGAV® Shunt System is a robust and durable adjustable valve made of titanium which combines simple, quick and uncomplicated adjustment with more protection against overdrainage complications.​
The valve opening pressure can be adjusted to the patient’s needs for the lying position. In combination with the gravitational unit, the opening pressure is increasing automatically as the patient stands up. The "Active-Lock" mechanism protects against unintentional adjustment by means of exposure to magnets found in daily life, such as those used in smartphones, toys, induction cookers or safety barriers at the airport. The patented adjustment and verification instruments allow simple, quick and uncomplicated adjustment with no need of X-ray control after MRI.​
The unique “Active-Lock” mechanism protects the MIETHKE proGAV® against inadvertent readjustments caused by external magnetic fields up to 3 Tesla.


  • 3-tesla MRI conditional
  • Pressure levels for continuous adjustment between 0 and 20 cmH2O
  • X-ray-free verification of the adjustable unit opening pressure level setting


The MIETHKE proGAV® is available as a single valve or as a shunt system with different components.


  • Treatment of Hydrocephalus