Stimuplex® DIG RC

Nerve stimulator for peripheral regional anesthesia

  • Only one knob operation
  • Current setting and measuring at the same time without using an additional switch
  • Yellow LED indicates every current pulse
  • Flashing display if current flow is less than set current
  • Bright, digital display of current
  • Impulse with 0.1 ms
  • Reliable stimulation of motor fibres without stimulation of afferent fibres (pain)
  • Selectable impulse frequency (1 Hz, 2 Hz) for most convenient and reliable stimulation
  • Integrated electrode cable
  • LED battery charge indicator

Remote Control:

  • Remote control allows simultaneous puncture and stimulation
  • Safe placement of Remote Control in the anesthetist's palm
    • Easy fixation with two finger rings
    • Sterile handling due to glove to be put on the usual way
  • Operation of Remote Control by two small "Up" and "Down" buttons only
  • Tactile feeling combined with acoustic control